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Hair Transplantation brings out the best in you!

HairMore and more reality TV programmes are using cosmetics surgery as their theme. A typical storyline is to present a person whose real or self perceived cosmetic imperfections are corrected using cosmetic surgery.

‘Makeover’ programmes, as these have now become known, have a positive effect when they reinforce the idea that no one has to live with cosmetic imperfections that surgical or medical treatment can correct. Hair loss, as an example, is one of the easiest imperfections to correct by using either surgical or medical hair restoration. Correction of hair loss has high public acceptance, it is not regarded as a ‘vanity’ procedure but rather as a procedure that improves self -confidence as well as the way in which is perceived by others.

Restore and improve the ‘REAL YOU’.

‘Makeover’ crosses from positive to negative when it is understood as a way to become someone other than your self. Hair restoration and other cosmetic surgery can correct cosmetic imperfections and enhance your appearance to both restore and improve the ‘real you’. Surgery cannot make you into somebody you are not. Professional performers may seek cosmetic surgery to make them look like a famous person who they are intending to imitate on a stage. However, the performer understands that he or she is not the person they will imitate.

Makeover programmes may encourage you to investigate the value of hair restoration. You can also be encouraged by the success of hair restoration in a friend or relative to seek hair restoration for your self. Your best approach to achieving successful hair restoration is to make certain that the procedure is individualised to your characteristics. What worked well for your friend or relative may not work well for you. You and the physician hair restoration specialist must work together to achieve the outcome which best suits your needs.

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