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The world’s first zero carbon megayacht from Sauter

British designer Richard Sauter has unveiled plans for the world’s first zero carbon megayacht, a hybrid craft combining solar and electric power with Mercedes-Benz & BlueTec clean diesel engines.
Dubbed Transcendence, the sleek, high-performance 49 metre yacht will be capable of 25 knots under full power using what Sauter claims is the cleanest marine propulsion system in the world.

The yacht’s emissions are not zero at full power obviously, but the point is Transcendence is capable of 100% and operates normally at just 50%.

Solar cells situated on PV deck spoilers rated at 30 kws in addition to KERS (kinetic energy regeneration) and plug-in sources of energy charge a lithium ion storage system that runs all the yacht’s services including AC, day and night.

The same lithium UPS, rated at 1,000 kwh, allows Transcendence to achieve her maximum speed under peak loads or to navigate in and out of harbors with zero emissions under electric power alone.

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