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Feel Free @ Vijitt Resort Phuket

Some may have heard the word “Workaholic” which was apparently coined by psychologist Richard I. Evans during an interview in the 1960s. Nevertheless, even those people who are addicted to work still need time to get away from it sometimes and find the time and place to relax and feel free from presents you with three young workaholic ladies. What do they do when they need to get away and where do they go?


Chatriya Hemharnvibul (Khun Tipp)
Artist/Business Owner of Chatriya Arts

“My main interest obviously is in drawing and painting; mostly portraits of girls, animals, legendary figures from the past, but also futuristic people and places from my own imagination. I feel free every time I draw and paint.  I’m very interested in the ancient world and different exotic cultures always amaze me.”


Wasin Koysiripong (Khun Nung)
Managing Director of Phuket Butterfly Garden & Insect World

“I’d say that I’m one of these workaholic persons but I love to take good care of myself as well. I personally enjoy dining, doing treatment, and anything that can give me fulfillment and the feeling that my body and soul are being refreshed. Although I work hard, I can still feel complete relaxation by just laying down on my back.”


Wipa Umphuj (Khun Luk-Moo)
Managing Director of Baan Talay Fa Resort & Spa

“I do really enjoy travelling. I always feel so free when I am on the move and of course, if I had more free time, I would spend it doing even more travelling. However, if I only have a short time off, I spend it decorating my own home. I like selecting home decoration materials.”

Special Thanks:
The Vijitt Resort Phuket, an all villa-style resort hotel situated on absolute beachfront land on the idyllic Island of Phuket.

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