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Chinese Rarities Housed in New Phuket Gallery

Dream Gallery is a Gallery specialising in Chinese Culture.  It houses a large collection of antique pieces and rare furniture. After living in China more than 10 years, the owner’s collection of porcelain and decorative items are on here for you to view. There are also pieces of porcelain and jewellery which have been intricately designed by the owner.

Handmade & Hand Painted Chinese Porcelain

The manufacture of porcelain in China is said to have commenced around 206 B.C. to 25 A.D. and there can be no doubt that China exported porcelain from very early dates. Marco Polo saw it being made, and states it was sent all over the world.

Porcelain is much finer than other clay ceramics, so thin as to be translucent.  Its white color can be painted in many colors.  Porcelain is one of the most highly prized products from China, and in fact came to be called “china.”
It takes approximately 3 days for one cup to be made from start to finish.

Handmade & Hand Painted Chinese PorcelainHandmade & Hand Painted Chinese PorcelainHandmade & Hand Painted Chinese PorcelainHandmade & Hand Painted Chinese Porcelain

Antique Chinese Wooden Artifacts

The Wooden pieces in the photographs are mainly from the Shanxi Province. The dressing cabinets would have been made for rich family in the past. The carving work is very accurate and beautiful. It represents some landscapes and scenes of the Chinese past life. Sometimes, some symbols representing good luck and long life also are carved on the wood, all depending on the choice of the family that ordered the piece.

Antique Chinese Wooden Artifacts

Antique Chinese Wooden ArtifactsAntique Chinese Wooden ArtifactsAntique Chinese Wooden Artifacts
The Dream Gallery: 43/128 Viset Rd, Rawai
Open from Tuesday – Sunday 10.30a.m to 19.30p.m, after 19.30 and on Mondays please call for appointment.
Tel: +66 (0) 76 226 556 Email: gallery@asiansourcingallery.com

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