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Do’s and Dont’s of Bedroom Decorating

  Do's and Dont's of Bedroom DecoratingConsider function when decorating any room of your home, particularly the bedroom. The function is, of course, to provide a relaxing, comfortable environment for sleep.


Allow yourself to watch television in the bedroom, although sleep experts say you should not have a television set in the bedroom, reality says otherwise.

Invest in a quality, comfortable bed. You’re spending at least ¼ of your day there, it’s worth it. Have all types of lighting in the bedroom – ambient, task, and accent and decorative.

Arrange furniture for you to easily enter and exit the bedroom without twists and turns – it’s bad Feng Shui decorating and it means furniture is not properly arranged.

Let your personal style and taste shine through when decorating your bedroom.


Turn your bedroom into a multi-functional room. Sleep and comfort reign supreme in the bedroom, keep desks and work areas out of the room.

Allow your television to become the focal point of your bedroom. Make it as unobtrusive as possible or have an armoire or cabinet to hide it away.

Keep your mattress and bedsprings for longer than 15 years – they wear out. If you notice your back is sore in the mornings and you’re more tired than usual, consider your bed comfort before scheduling the MRI.

Rely on one overhead light for all your lighting needs.

Put the side of your bed against the wall or on a diagonal in the corner.

Let trends dictate the style of your bedroom.

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