Davinci – Italian Restaurant, Phuket

The Restaurant to make you wonder

Picture sitting under the stars with your lover (this is Phuket after all) surrounded by nature, eating exquisite Italian food (the nation and language of love) before sailing off into the sunset on your romantic white yacht (well……. Maybe a Honda Jazz).

An over-indulgent imagination perhaps, but it’s no exaggeration to state that the Davinci restaurant, situated on Sai Yuan Road in the quiet village of Nai Harn can titillate even the most dormant mind and more importantly, taste bud. It’s almost two restaurants in one: outside, dining alfresco under the aforesaid stars, or inside, where the décor imbues a warm and relaxed atmosphere. Despite the sophistication, and if you have reached that stage in your relationship where the appearance of little rug-rats is damping your amorous side somewhat, fear not, there is a children’s play area. So, the old gazing dreamily into each others eyes routine can be rejuvenated, at least for a while.

Davinci’s is a tastefully (no pun etc.) decorated restaurant where the food is really superb. Naturally enough, pasta is a specialty, but of equal distinction are the Australian Beef dishes or the local seafood such as White Snapper. Only the best imported, or if bought in Phuket, fresh every day, ingredients are used to ensure that a very high standard is maintained.

Equally as important in giving the clientele a memorable experience – the kind that makes you go back – is the service. The staff are discrete but well trained and pretty well expert on all of the dishes on offer, so if you are not sure about anything – just ask.

Chef John’s standards are of the highest and this permeates through to the whole atmosphere of Davici’s – except to the prices, the only aspect that fails to reach elevated proportions.
Davinci Restaurant
BZenter 28/46 Moo 1, Nai Harn, Phuket (Opposite 711 on the road to Nai Harn Beach)
Tel: 076 289574
Mobile: 08 0525 1400


  1. Oh God so romantic place,i enjoy eating Italian food,however i love all about Italy,like Tuscany Ceramics… its so good…Italy is a great place….

  2. This restaurant sets the standard for Phuket – at the highest level. Great food, fine wines, splendid service and probably most important of all excellent ambiance . . .

  3. hello sir/madam,
    This is Rajini from singapore. I am a chef in italian fine dinning restaurant in singapore and I have 6 years experience in hotels, resort, restaurants. Now i am looking to change so you have any vacancy for the chef pls reply to me ( if you have any possible position pls reply me.
    thank you..

  4. I believe this restaurant expanded a couple of months ago, now live music and projector screen, I pass this place almost every day, looks like they have a lot of people now days. Maybe I drop by today, it's Sunday evening after all, might take a pizza an a glass of wine.


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