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Colours Textures Details @ Paul Ropp

Phuketindex.com feels honored to work with Paul Ropp who supported us with those beautiful clothes and accessories for our new faces & models dressing for the photo shoot in this issue. Thank you very much!

Anyway, Paul Ropp is a brand and a name of a man of extraordinary vision and courage. Paul Ropp is a designer for his own brand. Dealing with business is not what Paul Ropp was born to do, so he always tries to be a little bit different so “it’s too complicated for most factories or designers to follow” and this is reflected in his fashion. Paul Ropp would love to call it his “art form”.

Started his own collection in 1978, Paul Ropp’s designs are unique with varied colours, textures and details. His clothes are creations from hand-woven fabrics made by 5000 Indian people at home – not in a factory. Art has no boundaries. Its collections are art pieces from another kind of art. Fabrics are from the world’s largest Hindu country, designed by an American born designer, influenced by Indonesian Balinese flourishing cultures and then exported to many countries around the world.

Paul Ropp design may not be clothes for normal people but they are a norm for those seeking “individuality”. He makes clothes for those who would prefer walking naked than wearing suits. “Clothes represent who you are. Fashion becomes a way of expressing one’s own personalities.  Psychologically we hope people SMILE when we work with colours” said designer Paul Ropp who dressed differently since he was very young. He realized later it is wonderful if one can go through life able to get people to smile and laugh.

Paul Ropp today travels very much further than its start, offering collections for ladies, gentlemen and children so that “they can dress with their family”. Their Satellite Stores are located around the world especially in those resort areas like Spain, Mauritius, Seychelles, Maldives, Brazil, South Africa, Turkey, just to name a few,  as well as Phuket where you can find Paul Ropp stores in Royal Phuket Marina and in Six Senses Properties.

Paul Ropp’s message to the readers is “If you want to see something different, Paul Ropp may be able to provide this. I hope my works can inspire somebody to do something incredible, so come and join us.”

Paul Ropp’s special message to those who want to pursue their dream as a fashion designer: “Perseverance, power, a hard shell like a turtle!” These are what took Paul Ropp to today’s success and he believes these are qualifications to become a fashion designer. “Go for your dream and do not worry about where you are. Because if you are good with what you are doing, people will come and definitely find you. Just be where you are and do what you believe.”

Thanks again for an inspiring attitude that can be applied for any form of dream.


  1. where in south africa can i find your creations – i know there was a store by cavendish a while ago, and then in hout bay, but i can’t find your designs anywhere

  2. where can i find paul ropp clothing in sa. i know there was a store in cape town and then hout bay, but haven’t seen your designs for a while


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