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Catch Beach Club Launches CATCH FM90 Radio

Catch Beach Club Launches CATCH FM90 Radio

Catch Beach Club Launches CATCH FM90 Radio

SURIN BEACH, PHUKET: With its sublime beachfront dining, parties and fashion, Catch Beach Club has been steadily gathering a tribe of carefree voyagers dedicated to enjoying the tropical life to the limit. Catch Beach Club is now taking its alluring island vibe to the next level, bringing its signature sound and spirit to the world with the launch of its own radio channel, CATCH FM90.

Leading the CATCH FM90 team is Station Manager Silvano Stabile, who’s tuning listeners in to the Catch Beach wavelength though his cool mix of music and mirth. A globetrotter himself, being born in Italy, Silvano then brought his unique set of skills to the UK, France and Portugal for coaching, media production and artsy adventures, before finally arriving to Phuket after some of his family members convinced him of the island’s enchantments.

Catch FM90 Q&A

Silvano took some time out from his busy life sharing music to reveal his thoughts about the sensibility and soul of CATCH FM90:

Why did Catch Beach Club decide to launch its own radio channel?

The Twinpalms group has since its creation developed a reputation of excellence and innovation. When the idea of a radio media platform arrived on their desk, it was bound to excite their creativity and appeared as yet another way to share their values and spirit. The radio was named after Catch Beach Club as a natural bond between two entities that serve the same purpose: to enjoy the beautiful things of life, to bring together people of multiple origins and cultures and, of course, to enjoy the music!

When will CATCH FM90 be officially launched?

The website is still in the making. It will be very simple and straight to the point, with music, info and some interaction. We are preparing the site as well as the apps for mobile devices. However, it is already possible to access our programs through catchfm90.com on both computers and mobiles. Finally, with communicating and interacting with the public being one of our key objectives, the Facebook page is already online to welcome comments and suggestions and find out more about the artists in our playlists.

Where is the CATCH FM90 station located?

CATCH FM is at the Twinpalms Phuket Resort, in a location especially built for the studio installation with glass walls overlooking the magnificent garden areas and neighbouring the brand new offices of Andaman Cruises. A perfect spot for escapade and inspiration.

Tell us more about CATCH FM90’s programming.

CATCH FM’s purpose is to reflect the blend and richness of cultures and people. With a melting pot of music from all over the world and a playlist unknown to commercial radio trends, it is the pulse of Phuket’s multi-cultural, borderless and crazy global mix. In many aspects, it proposes a format that has seldom been explored on the radio media. Phuket is full of colourful characters with a story to tell about their experience on the island or about their countries of origin. Various shows are in preparation that will articulate this concept, the “real life comedy show” of our ordinary madness.

What are the overall goals for FM90?

We wish to be an innovating alternative to other media with a platform specially crafted for the unusual social structure of a place like Phuket. Through the internet, we wish to contribute to the international promotion of the amazing richness of Thailand and Phuket in particular. Also, we wish to have fun and share it.

What are you most excited about for Catch FM90?

Personally, I have always chosen and enjoyed to be at the very early stages of a project. It’s very exciting and rewarding to hear all the positive comments I have had so far. It’s also challenging to do something differently, to break all the classic codes usually attached to this kind of project. I hope to make a point, to show that there’s a very rich life away from the top 40 or the international hits of the 80s and 90s.

Who do you expect to listen to CATCH FM90?

We are taking a challenge: Can a medium operate without ‘targeting’ any group other than those who are open to novelty, discovery, openness, tolerance and mutual curiosity? Do these values belong to a specific age or social group? The musical ‘colour’ of our broadcast may fluctuate during the day, addressing younger groups at night, especially during the weekend nights, or addressing lovers of jazz or classical music on Sundays, but the general flavour of CATCH FM90 reflects the amazing diversity and flexibility of our times, where a song from an Italian crooner of the 70s might become the ultimate pearl of kitsch delight for a teenager. We do not wish to target, we wish to inspire.

The CATCH FM90 Pure & Essential spirit now radiates through the internet, mobile and radio platforms.

Tune in, immerse yourself, be inspired . . . at CATCH FM90.

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