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Bedroom Lighting Checklist

bedroomTo make sure you have proper lighting in your bedroom or master suite, the American Lighting Association suggests asking the following questions. (Tip: You want to be able to answer “yes” to all!)

  1. Can I see well enough to get dressed?
  2. Is there a light in the closet?
  3. Are there individual reading lights on each side of the bed?
  4. Is there an overhead light source?
  5. Do I have enough light to determine the colors of clothing in my drawers?
  6. Do I have a light source near the door?
  7. Have I installed outlets in convenient locations while building/renovating my bedroom?
  8. Can I fill dark corners with portable lighting sources?
  9. Do I have a dimmer installed on the overhead light source?
  10. Are there lights at the dressing table to help with makeup?

Article written by experts of The American Lighting Association, an organization of lighting manufacturers, showrooms, and sales representatives dedicated to providing the public with quality residential lighting.

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