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Bangkok Airways “Asia’s Boutique Airline”

Bangkok Airways

And its delightful Departure Lounges

This was the first time for me flying with Bangkok Airways and no excuse for my mate, this was her first time on board a plane. We were a little bit excited and also looking forward to enjoying the departure lounges of Bangkok Airways – people convinced me so much that it’s nice and free. We are going to share our experience with the lounges for those who are looking for more information about the airline. Phuketindex hope it helps make your decision-making easier.

Bangkok Airways’ Boutique departure lounges are available for all its passengers and in Phuket Airport it is situated at the end of the hall on your right hand side after you pass the security check. The lounge is not very big actually -in my estimation, it can serve about 20 passengers, so it’s quite cozy. There are some bakeries, hot coffee and cold drinks on offer in a corner. Apart from some soft furniture to relax on, they also provide three computers of course with internet access, plus newspapers and magazines for passengers to peruse.

Bangkok Airways

On the way back, at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok we visited the Boutique lounge for a quick look to fi nd that it was bigger with more seats and computers than Phuket’s. However, this is understandable when considering the volume the lounge is suppose to support. Here they have a wider range of edibles available and a kid’s room equipped with colourful fluffy toys and bean bags.

We moved to the Blue Ribbon lounge which is exclusively reserved for business class passengers. It was obviously quieter with less users here. Yet offering a kind of superior experience, the lounge has lavishly furnished separate sitting areas, a small private area, a relaxing room with lounge chairs and massage chair, a refreshment bar – adorned by floral arrangements and lit up by crystal chandeliers. Green, blue and natural wood colours are dominant.

At the Blue Ribbon lounge, passengers can ask for a menu to order more food than presented. The menu features some ready-to-eat food and a long list of hot & cold beverages including Bangkok Airways’ signature drink ‘rice leaf juice’ – a must-try refreshment.

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