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Awaken The Inner Chi Energy of Your Home

8 Ways to Resonate with the Rhythms of Nature

One of the most powerful ways to engage the cosmic spirit of the environment is to tune into its rhythm, its natural ebb and flow of invisible vitality. This daily chi grows in yang intensity from sunrise in the mornings, through the brightness of afternoon time before dissolving into the yin darkness of night. The practice of Inner Feng Shui is what enables us to resonate with this daily waxing of yang and yin energy. Here are 8 ways to tune into this energy flow.

  1. Early morning awareness
    When you consciously develop an awareness of each day’s energy flows, you will eventually recognize the ebb and flow of nature’s natural rhythms. This will help you become familiar with the inner symphonic energy of your living space. Start by rising early to see how night gives way to day with the rise of the sun. Mornings are moments when pure young yang energy bathes your home. There is a special glow around your home as night gives way to day; your space awakens as fresh new energy permeates the environment. Simply perceiving the powerful purity of this energy is sufficient to add great strength to your inner essence making you better equipped to face the day. Natural cosmic forces are there by your side without you even being aware of its presence! So each morning, breathe in this powerful air and feel your spirit amplifying.
  2. The Brightness of the midday sun
    As the day progresses, the vitality of your home further mirrors the cycles of nature. The prime time between sunrise and sunset is when our inner chi gets distracted with work and other concerns. That is when we forget to tune into the powerful bright energy of the sun’s glow. Devote a few moments each day to giving your attention to the sunshine. Midday energy is when the house gets powerfully revitalized. It is a good time to tune into this awareness if only for a few moments each day.

    Doing so helps you engage directly with the powerful intensity of the sun. It is sturdy yang chi and invaluable indeed! If you are at home, bring in this energy by opening a door or a window. If you are in the office, try visualizing doing this for your home. The mind’s energy is all powerful, and simply picturing your home getting energized by sunshine makes it happen. But you must give it mental power.

  3. Engaging the living earth energy
    It is important to mentally capture the mother spirit of the earth. You must perceive the earth on which your home stands to be a living organism. Respect this fact and you can reap the bounty of the Earth. Your home is a small part of this greater whole and when you think of your home in this context, you will cause the nurturing energy of the earth to envelop your home with good fortune vibrations. Remember that it is belief that gives your thoughts reality!
  4. Flow with yin & yang of your home
    When you become aware of the onset of night time energies, you will realize that the home reflects the yin and yang of the cosmic Tai Chi. This dual aspect of the home gives rise to the natural balance of its spirit. Night time hours are a time of rest and rejuvenation and it is during these yin hours that you and everyone else in the home slow down the rhythm of living. It is a time when the mind and body rests and the spirit takes over. And when you go to sleep each night, make sure you get into a deep restful sleep. Do this by taking a very deep, deep breath. Breathe in deep and breathe out very slow. This is the way to go to sleep. Usually by the third breath you would have sunk into a deep sleep. This is what nurtures your spirit – and by extension it also nurtures your home.

  5. Engaging the inner spirit
    It is during the yin hours, when you sleep that your inner spirit engages with that of your home. As you gradually develop this subconscious awareness, you will slowly but successfully sense the inner core essence of your home rise to your conscious awareness. This cannot happen immediately but it is sure to come, this growing consciousness that your home has a soul and that this soul of the home is inseparable from you. And as your spirit increasingly engages with that of your home, it will bring you a fabulous sense of well being.
  6. Nurturing the spirit of the home
    It is by paying attention to the home’s inner needs and being responsive to it that good fortune comes. This means ensuring that chi can flow smoothly and unimpeded through the home, that the home is not lacking in the smells and sounds of nature, that there is good flow, good air and enough brightness to nurture its spirit. When you are sensitive to your home’s inner needs, it will reward you with an abundance that is quite beyond your dreams. In fact, that is when your home will begin to grow and help you expand your own dreams and ambitions. This and more will unfold for you. When you are in sync with the soul of your home and begin to communicate with its essence, your home will protect you, watch over you, and bring you excellent feng shui!
  7. Capture mountain  energy in a single stone
    Mountain energy encapsulates the health of the living world and you can invite in the forces of the world’s mountains into your home with a single beautiful stone! The Chinese have long looked to their mountains to bring them strength and forbearance, good health and longevity, knowledge and good relationships. Mountains in a Chinese feng shui savvy home are always present as paintings, pictures, miniature landscapes and even in a single beautiful stone. When you focus on finding just such a stone that can symbolize this for you, bring in flowers and plants for good measure to add to the spirit of living nature.

  8. The world’s seas and rivers in a single drop of water
    If you are looking for prosperity (which of us is not?) then simulate the rivers and the seas of the world inside your home with water, even if it is only a single drop; the presence of this element is what brings life and sustenance to the home. Better yet is to build some kind of natural water feature and then focus your mental energies on it. Give it life by adding fish and plants. Create a small corner of the natural outdoors indoors. This facilitates the flow of inner forces into your home, helping it resonate with the external environment, keeping its soul well nourished and ultimately benefiting you and your family. In the process, your natural intuitive process also develops.

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