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Ashton Kutcher impersonates Karl Lagerfeld

Ashton Kutcher impersonates Karl LagerfeldTwo and a Half Men star Ashton Kutcher spoofs Chanel creative director Karl Lagerfeld trying his hand at online dating in a new comedy web video series.

The video sees Kutcher portray a character called Darl, who dresses in signature Lagerfeld attire and sports a white ponytail and dark sunglasses.

The impersonation isn’t completely accurate though, as Darl’s pet is a tiny Chihuahua called Poo-poo instead of a kitten named Choupette.

The comic web series, which is promoting the snacks Popchips, sees the Hollywood actor take on a variety of different personas for the joke dating site

Lagerfeld was the subject of another story earlier this week, as British style icon Alexa Chung took to her Twitter to reveal she had a “strange (sexy) Karl Lagerfeld dream” — although the tweet was deleted shortly afterwards.

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