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Preview the new Apple MacBook Air

Steve Jobs has just launched the new Apple MacBook Air. Features instant on with solid state storage, similar to the Apple iPad.

They’re also keeping with a 13.3-inch, screen contrary to popular report, running at a 1440 x 900 resolution. There’s SSD storage, Core 2 Duo processor, GeForce 320m graphics. Apple says its new “more stringent” battery life tests offer 7 hours of “wireless web” and 30 days of “standby.” The 13.3 inch begins at $1299.

Supposedly Apple will adopt some of the same space-saving changes that it employed while shrinking the Air down to an 11.6-inch model in order to cut down on the weigh and size of the current Air. That would let Apple continue to sell various configurations of Airs around the $1500 range with all the latest hardware while offering a cheaper, netbook-like version to users not interested in spending as much.

Besides leading to a smaller case, the changes that may be in store for the Air could also provide room for a larger battery, upping runtime to almost 10 hours.

While we had heard that Apple might go for a bare-bones SSD installation that could forestall any hope of upgrading the laptop, the word now is that Apple is building these new Airs with expansion in mind, letting users easily upgrade both the SSD as well as the system’s RAM. If you just want to add storage without taking anything apart, you should be able to pop in an SD card for a few extra gigs.

Update: they also have launched a 11.6 inch MacBook Air at $999.

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