Adisak Pitakrojananont: GM of Mom Tri’s Villa Royale

Services that touch the heart

A conversation with Adisak Pitakrojananont, General Manager or “Brother Dan” for his staff at Mom Tri’s Villa Royale, a luxury boutique hotel in Kata Noi.

How did you become a General Manager for Mom Tri’s Villa Royale?
“I began my career in the hotel business, which always attracted me, with a job at Phuket Yacht Club. I moved around to other places before coming to Mom Tri’s Boathouse as an assistant to GM.  After a while Mom Tri, the owner of ‘Boathouse’ and ‘Villa Royale’ gave me a chance to look after his hotel as a General Manager from around 2003-2004.”

What makes your hotel memorable and unforgettable?
“It’s a combination of location and unique service we deliver. Mom Tri’s Villa Royale is not a big hotel but we do pay great attention to detail. I think if guests are happy staying with us, they will tell their family and friends also. They will probably come back again and again or even persuade other people to come.”

So service is vital?

“Of course, as everyone knows many hotels out there maybe different – but they can all be gorgeous undoubtedly in their own way. Then what influences the most in guests’ decision making, if not service or hospitality?”

What do you worry about the most?
“It’s those external factors we can’t control like the global economic crisis and especially our uncertain political situation. I just want to beg everyone to think about others and the whole before they take any action.”

Do customers’ behaviors change?
“Yes, they do. The Internet opens a new door for people in choosing and booking process. Now they don’t depend much on travel agents anymore. Travellers can wait for last minute offers from different hotels and compare to get the best offer themselves. Likewise, they are able to check out reviews and comments from many sources on the internet as well.”

Some say that Phuket has changed or overdeveloped; what do you think?
“I heard this from our guests too. But I do believe we can make it in a sustainable way. Hotels and people in other businesses must be smart enough to keep Phuket good, otherwise we all lose.”

Adisak Pitakrojananont for Phuket Sa-Ard
Our hotel shares the sandy Kata Noi beach with Kata Thani. As an effort to keep the beach and the scenery remaining wonderful as it is, we and Kata Thani often join hands for beach clean-up activities, besides our policy to not release untreated wastewater into the sea.

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