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A Real Adventure at Laguna Phuket’s Quest Fun Zone

Kids’ time during their stay at Laguna Phuket can be more cheerful and of better quality with the programs available at Quest Family Fun Zone. While mum can lie down indulging in treatment at Angsana Spa or dad is driving around the golf course with his understandable caddy following close behind, let the kids be entertained the way their hearts desire. But if excitement is also what you adults are looking for, join the kids and this will be a truly valuable time together.

Whether it be climbing, flying or balancing on ropes or wires, Quest’s unique adventure activities allow the kids especially to learn something. Activities are recommended for children from above 6 years old and will be supervised by staff who know how to deal with children and safety issues.

Adventure Rocks

Breathe the fresh air higher up, with a combination of rock climbing and invigorating rope adventures in the treetops.

Price: Adult THB 800  Child THB 500 (6-12 yrs)
Days of operation: Mon, Wed, Fri @ 10am-12pm

Low Wire Liaisons

This includes various family-friendly activities to sharp your brain and build strong problem-solving skills.

Price: Adult THB 800 Child THB 500 (6-12 yrs)
Days of operation: Tue, Thu, Sat @ 10am-12pm

Discover Rock Climbing

This activity has been designed to stimulate interest in an exciting and challenging adventure sport. One of the best ways to develop total body fitness.

Rock Climbing Programs
3 Access Passes (2 hours/time) THB 2,200
2 hours – Rock Climbing THB 800
1 hour – Rock Climbing THB 600
2 hours – Intro to Rock Climbing THB 1,000

For more information or for bookings,
please contact Quest Family Fun Zone at:
Tel.: +66 76 314 253
Fax: +66 76 314 251
E-mail: manager@questlagunaphuket.com

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